Climate smart agriculture in the Himalaya – An innovative green business model for food security and poverty reduction of mountainous communities of Nepal

Starting Date:
September 1, 2014
Ending Date:
December 31, 2016
Bajura district, Nepal
ICCO Cooperation and Mission East
Implementation Partner(s):
Innovative Agro Solution (IAS)

ANSAB has envisioned a new program named Ecosystem-based Commercial Agriculture (ECA), which aims to transform the traditional forestry and agriculture into climate smart, attractive and socially prestigious business. Realizing the importance of ECA in Nepal, ICCO Cooperation and Mission East have joined their hands with ANSAB for the development and piloting of an agri-business project “Climate Smart Agriculture in the Himalaya – an Innovative Green Business Model for Food Security and Poverty Reduction of Mountainous Communities of Nepal”. The green business model consists of community-private partnership to produce a balance of most remunerative and locally important products for food, nutrition and income security using climate smart technologies.