Capacity Building and Services

Capacity Building and Services

ANSAB seeks to impart local communities with the knowledge they need to manage the ecosystems on which they heavily depend on a sustainable and inclusive way. As such, it devotes a lot of energy to capacity building in all its projects. More specifically, program activities include:

Training: organization of trainings in all shape and forms, from grassroots mobilization workshops to environmental assessment field courses to technical coaching on NTFPs processing and REDD+. The program mostly targets women, poor and other excluded groups, but several events are also organized at the regional, national and international levels for governmental and non-governmental organizations, consultants, experts, and researchers. Available training packages currently include:

  1. Enterprise Development Planning
  2. Entrepreneurship Development
  3. Business Planning
  4. Community Forestry
  5. Operational Plan Preparation Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB)
  6. NTFP Inventory
  7. NTFP Management
  8. Value Chain Analysis
  9. REDD+
  10. Forest Carbon Stock Accounting
  11. Biodiversity Monitoring
  12. Forest and Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification

Study Tours: organization of field visits for national and international researchers, donors, buyers and partners to study successful CFUGs or community-based enterprises. The program also facilitates exchanges between community forests and enterprises in similar situations to disseminate best practices and foster mutually benefitting business links.

Technical Assistance: provision of advice on an ongoing basis to all institutions with whom ANSAB has worked in the past, from local enterprises, CFUGs and DFOs to national partners and exporting companies; support of partners’ projects and programs related to biodiversity conservation, forest resource assessment, and community-based enterprise development.

Publications: production and dissemination of books, manuals, articles, reports, proceedings, price lists, trade directories, etc.