ANSAB presents on “Nepal’s CITES-listed Plant Species”

In an interaction program organized by the Department of Plant Resources on June 10, 2022, ANSAB’s Programs Director Mr. Puspa Lal Ghimire shared organization’s experience and learnings while implementing CITES related activities in Nepal. His presentation focused on ANSAB’s experience on the sustainable management of CITES-listed plant species, esp. on capacitating local communities on resource assessment, sustainable harvesting and trade, close working with the government of Nepal towards implementation of CITES legislations, and facilitation of international trade of CITES-listed plant species, incl. Jatamansi through market research and strategy development of the national level producer companies. The presentation also involved listing of the current challenges, mainly on the policy contradictions, robust inventory method for quota fixation, communication with international agencies to regulate trade, and trade traceability of the CITES-listed plant species, and the possible ways forward to address those challenges.

The interaction program was participated by representatives from the Department of Plant Resources, Department of Forest and Soil Conservation, Tribhuvan University and the individual experts involved in research, policy formulation and implementation of the CITES.