Jiri Declaration on PPCA

ANSAB and the Jiri municipality jointly organized a Public Private Community Alliance (PPCA) planning workshop in Jiri, Dolakha on November 27, 2018 in order to develop common understanding on PPCA and endorse the concept and preliminary action plan. The workshop was participated by all key actors and stakeholders including the members of federal and provincial parliaments, elected members of Jiri and adjoining municipalities, local government officials, development programs, local and national level enterprises, and three international companies including Aveda. With ANSAB’s facilitation, the participants discussed on the goal, expected outcome, strategy, outputs and action plan of PPCA, potential members of PPCA and the modality of its operation.

The workshop participants endorsed the concept as well as the preliminary plan of action defining the possible sites, products and activities for PPCA. The workshop concluded with the ‘Jiri Declaration on PPCA for Sustainable Natural and Organic Products-based Enterprises and Local Economic Development’ that provided common understanding and agreement for development of PPCA in Jiri municipality as a common platform of the government, private sector, local communities and development partners considering the farm and forests and make it operational to deliver the services. The signatories of the Declaration include the members of federal and provincial parliaments representing Dolakha district, Chairperson of the Dolakha District Coordination Committee, Mayor of the Jiri municipality, Executive Director of ANSAB, representatives from Aveda and other two international companies.

Download Jiri Declaration