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Utilization of non-timber forest products: Issues and strategies for environmental conservation and economic development

Author: Bhishma P. Subedi
Publisher: ANSAB
Language: English
Date of Publication: March 29, 1997
Number of Pages: 11
Price: Free

Development of local economy while conserving the environmental resources has become an integral part of sustainable development policy. Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are one category of resources that have a potential for contributing to the local economy and improved natural resource management, leading to conservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity of an area.

This paper examines a range of issues and strategies in the NTFP sector for improving economic and environmental conditions for the benefit of local community members in a sustainable and equitable way. The first and foremost factor is the conservation of the resource base, ecosystem and biodiversity, from which NTFPs are harvested. This is dependent upon the sustainable harvesting and management. This, in turn, requires sufficient incentives to collectors for conservation by countering the threats. The paper starts with the current role and status of NTFPs in Nepal. Then important issues are pointed out and strategies are presented for discussion. The main issues include the improved production management, institutionalization of management system, development.