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The enterprise model for biodiversity conservation: A critique

Author: Jack Croucher
Publisher: ANSAB
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2005 July 13
Number of Pages: 13
Price: Free

Commercial use of nontimber forest products in a sustainable manner is becoming an increasingly popular mechanism for promoting the dual objectives of rural economic development coupled with environmental or biodiversity conservation. This approach was widely implemented throughout much of Asia by the Biodiversity Conservation Network (BCN) in approximately twenty projects that combined natural resource based enterprise development with biodiversity conservation. While a thorough evaluation of this innovative endeavor has yet to take place, certain findings have become apparent from the experiences of some BCN grantees.

This paper will examine one aspect of the enterprise based participatory conservation methodology that links enterprise development to biodiversity conservation incentives. It will address the question: Can environmentally aware enterprises in and of themselves be expected to act in a conservationist manner? My answer is no, not always.