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Private sector involvement and investment in Nepal’s forestry: Status, prospects and ways forward

Author: Bhishma P. Subedi, Puspa L. Ghimire, Ann Koontz, Sudarshan C. Khanal, Prakash Katwal, Kabir R. Sthapit, and Shruti Khadka Mishra
Publisher: Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP)
Language: English
Date of Publication: March 2014
Number of Pages: 179+65
Price: Free
This national level study conducted by Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources (ANSAB) and its consortium partners on behalf of the Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP) of Nepal, assesses and analyses the current status and future potential of developing economically viable and socially and environmentally responsible forest-based industries leading to sustainable, green and inclusive development model in Nepal. The study has prioritized forest enterprises along four major subsectors, namely, timber, non-timber forest products, ecosystem services (especially ecotourism and carbon) and forest bioenergy and developed a thorough understanding of the current status and future potential of the private sector involvement and investment in these subsectors along with the development of appropriate intervention strategies.