Report And Case Studies

Monitoring the effects of community based conservation and commercial utilization of natural products on biodiversity in Humla, Nepal

Author: ANSAB
Publisher: ANSAB
Language: English
Date of Publication: April 1999
Number of Pages: 39
Price: Free

Monitoring the Effects of Community Based Conservation and Commercial Utilization of Natural Products on Biodiversity in Humla, Nepal is one of the two monitoring reports prepared for the Biodiversity Conservation Network funded project: Community Based Ecosystem Management for Humla, Nepal through Local Enterprise Development. This report primarily deals with the biological components and the other one is concerned with the socio-economic and institutional changes induced by the Project. Enterprise monitoring was also a regular activity for tracking the financial viability of the enterprise and its close links to social equity as well as biodiversity.

Monitoring was one of the important aspects of the Project for two reasons. First, this provided continuous feedback in tailoring and prioritizing the Project activities to achieve the Project goals and objectives. Second, it has generated the information for BCN to evaluate the enterprise approaches to community-based biodiversity conservation.

Although, it is still too early to come to any conclusions on environmental impacts, this report presents an approach and methods of biological monitoring that can be adopted for conservation and development projects in very remote areas like Humla. ANSAB intends to continue to refine these and other biological monitoring methods to make them more practical for use by community based organizations and projects working in the area of conservation and development.