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Local communities and natural products: A manual for organizing natural resource management groups for resource management planning, enterprise development and integration into value chains

Author: Bhishma Subedi, Hari Dhungana, Deepak Khadka and Sushil Gyawali
Publisher: ANSAB, USAID
Language: English
Date of Publication: September 2007
Number of Pages: 62
Price: Free

Policies promoting community-based natural resources management (CBNRM) have created an important role for communities in the conservation, management, and use of natural resources. Government agencies, non-governmental organizations and other service providers are supporting local people to get organized in various forms of Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups. Such groups are also taking up responsibilities to achieve their objectives and have made significant progress in several areas of resource governance and management. Critical to the success of CBNRM efforts is ensuring that local communities’ livelihoods needs are met through the sustainable management of natural resources. Natural resource based enterprises play an important role in helping communities realize economic benefits from such resource management. Learning how to organize communities to effective manage natural resources, and natural resource based enterprises is an essential skill for any NGO or government agency dedicated to promoting CBNRM.

This Manual intends to serve the needs of agencies and organizations that are interested in facilitating community organizing, NRM management planning and implementation, community-based natural product enterprise development, and the integration of NRM groups or natural products enterprises into rewarding value chains. This Manual presents a set of processes, methods and tools with links to the successes associated with them. It evolved out of the distinct experiences of implementation of a diverse range of CBNRM projects in Nepal. CBNRM practitioners working within or beyond Nepal, especially where CBNRM is promoted, will find this Manual useful.