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Lessons from Nepal earthquake for the Indian himalayas and the gangetic plains

Editor: Prof. S.P. Singh, Sudarshan C. Khanal, Prof. Madhu Joshi
Publisher: Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA)
Language: English
Date of Publication: March 2016
Number of Pages: 114 + 16
Price: Free

Articles in this book cover varied aspects of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake and the disasters it generated: seismicity and tectonics in the region, engineering geological risks, problems of providing medical aid, gender issues, local planning for relief provisions, mountain ecology and several other social issues. Apart from articles on the Nepal earthquake, the book includes two articles pertaining to Uttarakhand’s June, 2013 disaster of which one throws light on the factors responsible for the unusually heavy rainfall, and the consequent floods, erosion and landslides and the other is a case study on the psychological effect of the disaster on the local people living in the remote mountains.