Report And Case Studies

Influencing policy and good governance in NRM sector: Focusing on community forestry and NTFP sub-sectors in Nepal

Author: Bhishma P. Subedi, Indu B. Sapkota, Surya B. Binayee
Publisher: ANSAB
Language: English
Date of Publication: March 2009
Number of Pages: 33
Price: Free

The core objective of the research project was to reflect back, analyze, synthesize and document the experiential learning of different actors and stakeholders in the evolution of community forestry and NTFP oriented policy formulation at local to national levels in Nepal. The study was an exploratory and investigative in nature, and the participatory action research (PAR) framework was the basis for the development of policy cases. Therefore, the study started selecting few but important policy issues/decisions of national interest in relation to community forestry and NTFPs.