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Forest carbon assessment in Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape

Author: Bhishma P. Subedi, Kalyan Gauli, Nabin R. Joshi, Ajay Pandey, Shambhu Charmakar, Aakriti Poudel, M.R.S Murthy, Hammad Gilani and Sudarshan C. Khanal
Publisher: WWF Nepal
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2016
Number of Pages: 78+18
Price: Free

This study “Forest Carbon Assessment in Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape (CHAL) for REDD+ Readiness Activities” conducted by ANSAB and its collaborating partners – International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), and UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use GmbHon behalf of the Hariyo Ban Program, provides technical baseline and other needed socio-economic information to initiate REDD+ readiness activities in CHAL for the conservation of biodiversity and increased benefits to the communities. The study shows that CHAL has significant potential to enhance the condition of forests for carbon sequestration and other co-benefits through the implementation of REDD+ project, and suggests various activities to initiate REDD+ readiness activities in the region.