Report And Case Studies

Enterprise based biodiversity conservation in Nepal

Author: ANSAB and Enterprise Works/VITA
Publisher: Enterprise Works/VITA
Language: English
Date of Publication: December 2009
Number of Pages: 14+6
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The overall goal of this project was to conserve the globally significant mountain biodiversity of western Nepal through community forest management that is linked to enterprise development. The project aimed to bring 30,000 hectares of forest under improved management in five years, and to strengthen and improve policy implementation in community forestry nation-wide.

This project successfully achieved the following:

  1. It initiated or expanded the community forestry process with 60 Forest User Groups (FUGs) in Humla, Jumla, Bajhang, Mugu and Dolpa, bringing over 30,000 hectares under improved management;
  2. It provided technical support to three Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) enterprises in Bajhang, Humla and Dolpa and established two new community-based forest enterprises in Jumla and Humla; and
  3. It advocated policy changes along with other members of the Nepal NTFP Network (NNN) that resulted in favourable changes, including high priority of HMG national plan on NTFPs, the release of a trade ban and revision of unscientific and illogical royalty rates e.g. for Yarshagumba (Cordyceps sinensis).