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Directory of essential oils stakeholders in Nepal

Author: ANSAB
Publisher: ANSAB
Language: English
Date of Publication: March 2021
Number of Pages: 48+8
Price: Free

This Directory of Essential Oils Stakeholders in Nepal presents the compilation of information of existing stakeholders involved in the essential oils sector of Nepal. It includes the detailed contact information of the actors and service providers involved in essential oil value chain in Nepal. The main purpose of this directory is to facilitate the stakeholders involved in essential oils value chain by bringing the relevant information together that would help them for steadfast communication for improved linkages to markets and essential oils business development services. With the transparent and accessible information of the stakeholders, this directory will also serve as a reference document to organizations/institutions, federations/associations, aspiring small and big entrepreneurs, business persons, researchers, community groups and students involved in essential oils sector of Nepal. Efforts have been put to include majority of the relevant stakeholders engaged in essential oils in the country, however this directory may not have covered all of them.

This directory contains the general background of essential oils in Nepal, and list of producers, processors, traders, manufactures, exporters and service providers working in this sector with the detailed contact information.