Presentation And Proceedings

Certification and sustainable marketing of non-timber forest products project: Annual review & planning meeting proceedings

Date: 9 – 10, January 2004
Venue: Godavari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Organizer: ANSAB
Language: English
Number of Pages: 17
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Certification and Sustainable Marketing of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) – Public Private Alliance (PPA) project was initiated in September 2002 with ANSAB as the coordinator of the overall Alliance activities. The project is an initiative of bringing together US product buyers and designers, certification experts, a diverse range of Nepali companies, networks and NGOs, and donors to assist in the NTFP sector of Nepal in order to:

  • increase income and employment for Nepal’s NTFP producers (especially in remote rural
  • promote sustainable resource management;
  • institute a certification program for NTFPs in Nepal; and
  • expand responsible buying practices among industry members in the West.

The PPA in form of the project provides an opportunity to demonstrate and generate leading practices in certification models for NTFP and forest communities; poverty alleviation for forest communities through industry/producer product design collaboration and NTFP industry “responsible buying” practices. Each of the Alliance members brings along expertise in their respective fields that are supportive for the implementation of the project objectives.

Upon completion of one year of the project on Certification and Sustainable Marketing of Non- Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), a Review and Planning Meeting was organized on 9-10 January 2004 in Kathmandu (Godavari Village Resort). There were over 24 participants in the meeting representing different alliance members with national organizations working in the field of developing community forest user groups and NTFP industry coordination in Nepal.