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Atis is a perennial herb that is tall up to 1m. It has heart shaped leaves which ranges from 5-10cm. The leaves of Atis are heteromorphous. Lowest leaves of the Atis have petioles and the lobes of these leaves are divided into five parts by its vein. Whereas there are no petioles on the uppermost leaves and they are directly connected to the stems. The uppermost leaf doesn’t have partition either. The flowers are furry and dark blue in color. The vein of leaves are violet colored. Fruits are long and pointed in shape. The single fruit are divided into five parts. In Nepal literature Atis is famous as Delphenium Himalaya, it’s another scientific name. In India, Aconitum Heterophyllum is known as Atis. The samples of Atis collected by the National Herbarium and Laboratory shows that the study done on Atis so far is not sufficient andsignificant. That’s why further research work on Atis should be conducted.