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Assessment of Allo production and enterprise potential in Parbat district

Author: ANSAB
Publisher: ANSAB, District Forest Office, Parbat
Language: English
Date of Publication: December 2010
Number of Pages: 23+9
Price: Free

ANSAB and District Forest Office, Parbat jointly published an assessment report on Allo production and its enterprise potential in Parbat district, with information on supply potential of the species and analysis on the related enterprise opportunities in the district. The assessment was conducted using a combination of Geographic Information System (GIS), participatory community mapping and field inventory in the district. The assessment reveals that Parbat district has moderate potential for Allo enterprises, and the full utilization of the available Allo could generate direct incomes of about NRs. 8,416,454. The potential benefits are even greater if the employment generated by associated activities is counted.