Value chain analysis and baseline assessments of Timur, Off-season vegetables, Turmeric and Meat products in mid and far-western regions of Nepal

Starting Date: November 2011
Ending Date: January 2012
Location: Nepal
Donor(s): Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV)
Implementation Partner(s): N/A

This study has two main objectives: a) analyse value chains of timur, goat meat, turmeric, and off-season vegetables (particularly tomatoes, green bean/pea pod, cauliflower and cabbage) and b) establish a baseline of these products in the project districts and major market centres. The study is planned to provide sufficient basis for understanding the current status and the future potential of the four value chains, and to identify specific bottlenecks and opportunities for increasing production, income and employment of rural poor that can be addressed through the project interventions.

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