World Bank selects ANSAB as the regional intermediary for the FCPF capacity-building programs in Asia and the Pacific

ANSAB has been selected as the regional intermediary organization by the World Bank for the FCPF (Forest Carbon Partnership Facility) capacity building programs for the fiscal year 2014-15 in Asia and the Pacific region. FCPF mentioned the criteria for the organizations with a high level of regional credibility; an established institutional structure with a solid track record in issues related to forestry, climate change and/or REDD+; and demonstrated capacity for effective financial management and procurement, among others for the selection procedure. ANSAB will work with the FCPF for its capacity building programs supporting following activities in FCPF REDD countries of Asia and the Pacific:

  • Research and policy work on land tenure, social and environmental issues;
  • Sustainable livelihoods;
  • Good governance;
  • Training, outreach and awareness building;
  • Analytical and design work on benefit sharing and grievance redress mechanisms;
  • Mapping of indigenous or community land use;
  • Support for multi-stakeholder dialogues and collaboration between government, Forest-Dependent Peoples and Southern CSOs, respectively;
  • Other activities contributing to the national Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA); and
  • Community-level monitoring of and reporting on various aspects of the overall REDD+ process (to enhance transparency/accountability).