Hands-on training on GIS and GPS mapping

ANSAB organized five days “Hands-on training on GIS and GPS Mapping” at Charikot, Dolakha from August 30 to September 03, 2014. The main objective of the training was to capacitate and enhance the knowledge of the forest technicians and the stakeholders on Geographic Information System for the proper management of the forest resources in the district, to enhance the knowledge on GIS and its application on forest resource inventory, boundary mapping and land use and forest management planning.

A total of 18 participants representing senior officers from District Forest Office (DFO) Dolakha, District Soil and Water Conservation Office, Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP), central FECOFUN (Resource Manager) and ANSAB. The training started from introductory session where Mr. Shambhu Charmakar, Senior Program Officer, at ANSAB facilitated by briefing the background and objectives of the training followed by collecting the expectation from participants. Mr. Rabindra Maharjan, principal trainer, from DFO Dolakha carried out the five days training on GIS and GPS Mapping. The training was conducted applying lecture and individual exercise methods. The participants were trained to prepare the GIS map of the forest and to handle the GPS precisely. They were familiarized with GIS tools used in detailed forest carbon inventory process such as block division, stratification, distributing sampling plots and locating the forest on the Google earth map.

The training was closed by Dr. Nabin Raj Joshi, Research Officer, ANSAB with vote of thanks to trainer, participants, and donor organizations for their effort to make the training successful in terms of targeted objectives.