FairWild auditor training: 23–25 October 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

Join us to learn how to assess sustainable wild collection according to the FairWild Standard.

This training course will equip participants with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to verify sustainable wild collection practices against the FairWild Standard, an internationally recognised framework for the sustainable harvest and fair trade in wild-collected plants, fungi and lichen.

Suitably qualified candidates* who complete the course and pass the associated FairWild auditor competence exam can also register with the FairWild Foundation as an approved auditor, with the potential to carry out future inspections for the third-party audited certification scheme under implementation worldwide**.

This intensive event is designed to provide deep insight to the FairWild Standard, its performance indicators and certification system. The course will be led by an international expert in sustainable resource management, with more than ten years’ experience in FairWild auditing.

The course will involve a mixture of presentations and classroom exercises, and the opportunity to apply knowledge in the field through practical exercises. It is targeted to those wishing to train as FairWild-approved auditors, as well as a wider audience of technical personnel who will also benefit from the course.

The event will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal, organised by the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources (ANSAB) and TRAFFIC in the context of the Darwin Initiative-funded project “Succeeding with CITES: Sustainable and equitable Jatamansi trade from Nepal”. There is no charge for the course, but places will be limited to ensure a high-quality event

To register, please contact Mr. Sudarshan Khanal at ANSAB by sending your brief CV along with a cover letter to [email protected] and copy to [email protected] to pre-book your place by October 10, 2019.

The training will be held at ANSAB Office, Kathmandu, Nepal.

* Qualification requirements for FairWild auditors include a 4-year degree in fields relating to environmental, agricultural or social sciences; at least 3 years of work experience related to certification or inspection of natural/agricultural products; and training including general auditing skills, and specific training on FairWild. Full details available on request.

** FairWild certification audits may only be carried out under the supervision of an authorised FairWild Control Body (CB). For more information on CB accreditation requirements, please contact the FairWild Foundation ([email protected]).

*** This includes training fee, course materials and lunch during the training. The participant should make their own arrangements for stay, travel and other related costs.