Chairperson Radhesh Pant appointed as the CEO of the Nepal Investment Board

The Government of Nepal has appointed ANSAB’s chairperson Radhesh Pant as the Chief Executive of the Nepal Investment Board on November 28, 2011. The Investment Board is envisioned to give a one-window solution to potential investors in big projects over Rs 25 billion with the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of Nepal, and will start its operations after Pant’s appointment as the chief executive.

Mr. Pant was recommended by the selection committee as one of the three names among some eight candidates. Mr. Pant is currently the chief executive officer of Kumari Bank and has a long professional and impressive background with experiences including the managing director of Bank of Kathmandu that he turned into a robust financial institution after his appointment. Pant’s appointment as the chief executive is expected to smoothen inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) by creating investment friendly environment by facilitating investment in infrastructure projects and projects with large capital base.

ANSAB congratulates Mr. Pant for his new assignment and wishes for his successful tenure.