ANSAB presents in the DASAN Conference 2018

Sudarshan Khanal, ANSAB’s Research, Planning and Communication Manager presented on Enterprise Oriented Farm and Forest Management: Synergy between Conservation and Development in the DASAN Conference 2018 “Science and Technology Innovation for Inclusive Society” that took place in Seoul, Korea from November 21 – 22, 2018. Sudarshan Khanal also served as the panelist in the session entitled “Science and Technology in ODA for Sustainable Development” during the conference.

The enterprise-oriented, community-based resource management and value chain development approach that gives special emphasis on ecological sustainability, social justice and equity, and economic efficiency has been applied in a range of natural products including handmade paper, briquette, essential oils and a variety of other natural products in Nepal and some other South Asian geography. Community level intervention, esp. through community empowerment and capacity building, creation of economic incentives with inclusive growth strategy and provision of appropriate tools for sustainable management of ecosystems, facilitation for enabling environment, has shown positive conservation and economic impacts at community level, providing proof of concept and testing of effectiveness and efficiency for inclusive society.

The DASAN Conference was hosted by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies