ANSAB partners with Yale to organize Yale Himalaya Initiative consultation workshop

ANSAB worked with the Yale University as a local partner to organize Yale Himalaya Initiative (YHI) consultation workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal, on August 12, 2012. The daylong event brought Yale faculty together with scholars and professionals from across the Himalaya region to share ideas and develop directions for future research and collaboration. ANSAB also organized a field trip for the YHI steering committee to Goukhureshwor Community Forest User Group in Dhulikehel, Namo Buddha area and Thrangu Monastery, where they interacted with the community forestry user group and observed cultural and natural landscape around the area. Sir Peter Crane – Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Timothy Gregoire – Professor, K. Shivaramakrishnan – Professor and Director of the South Asian Studies, Mark Turin – YHI Program Director, Andrew Quintman – Assistant Professor, and Rajesh Thadani – Executive Director, CEDARIndia were present in the field trip along with ANSAB’s Executive Director Bhishma Subedi, and the Research, Program Planning and Communication Specialist Sudarshan Khanal.