ANSAB organizes a project launch workshop in Kathmandu

ANSAB, as the recipient of the Asia Pacific FCPF Capacity Building Project on REDD+, organized project launch workshop on March 28 and 29, 2022 in Kathmandu. The workshop brought together 23 representatives of the sub-project recipients, regional advisory committee members, and the project relevant staffs from ANSAB and the World Bank. The three sub-project recipients were selected from a rigorous, competitive process in January to carry-out country level REDD+ capacity building activities in Fiji, Nepal and Vietnam. During the workshop, the sub-project recipients were informed on the project, sub-projects and their administrative, safeguards, M&E and reporting requirements, so that the proposed activities will be carried out effectively and timely with the desired project development objectives. The workshop was organized in a mixed modality of virtual and in-person participation. Participants from ANSAB and Nepal’s sub-project recipients participated in-person, whereas the participants from World Bank and the sub-project recipients from Fiji and Vietnam participated virtually.