ANSAB identified the lack of access to reliable and updated marketing information and networking opportunities as a major impediment in the sustainable harvesting and commercialization of non timber forest products (NTFPs)/High Value cash Crops (HVC) sub-sector. Through our field based marketing information centers and this website, we plan to provide information on sustainable, harvesting, domestication, market trend analysis, new product development, and marketing linkages between buyers and sellers. This section of the website is an offshoot of ANSAB’s marketing information system (MIS) NTFP/ HVC project started in February 2001.

ANSAB has published more than 80 publications in the areas of sustainable harvesting of MAPs and NTFPs, biodiversity conservation, and forest-based enterprises development. ANSAB publications are useful resources for development planners, field-based practitioners, and researchers/academia involved in the field of rural development, natural resource management, and forest-based enterprise development. In order to reach a wide audience, ANSAB also enters into Publication Exchange Agreement with relevant organizations throughout the world.