Objectives and Services

The main objective of ANSAB Market Information System (MIS) is to improve access to information for local collectors, producers and traders in strategic NTFP/HVC producing centers in Nepal in collaboration with local stakeholders. Specific objectives are to:

  • Collect, compile and develop information products relevant for making business decisions in the sub-sector;
  • Provide enterprise development support services to natural resources based enterprise, traders and entrepreneurs;
  • Establish long-term and sustainable linkage between producers and markets to ensure growth of the NTFP industry; and
  • Make natural resources based products competitive in the market through introduction, replication and dissemination of appropriate technologies and product development.

MIS provides different type of general and customizes services to the value chain members in the sub-sector to enhance their competitiveness in the local, regional and international markets. Majority of the services are free of charge, however, customized services are also available. The main services are listed below: 

Price Information Bulletin
Started as monthly price bulletin for major NTFPs in Nepal and India markets in 2001, the system now covers 41 NTFP/HVC from 12 districts of Nepal and 5 markets in India at weekly/monthly interval:

  • Central bulletin service (Kathmandu)-monthly price information of major NTFPs/HVCs in Nepal and India 
  • Regional bulletin services (Ilam and Banke)-weekly/fortnightly price information of NTFP/HVCs in regional markets and bordering Indian markets
  • District bulletin services- weekly /fortnightly price information bulletin services of the major trading centers in the districts along with regional and Indian markets. Central and regional centers provide inputs on regional and Indian markets.

 Click here to access to the price lists archives.

The central MIS servers are used as the central data repository, and ANSAB periodically use them to undertake different types of analysis and disseminate them to relevant stakeholders.

NTFP Management Guidelines
NTFP Management Booklets, developed as promotion and extension materials, provide comphrensive information on resource assessment (in natural stage), available location, medicinal values, pre and post harvest technologies and marketing information. The guidelines are written in simple Nepali language with illustrations. Click here to view list of available NTFPs Guidelines.