Invitation of Bid for Supply, Delivery and Installation of Solar Drying Technology in Nawalpur District


As a part of the project entitled “Nature Conservation and Agroforestry Production in Rural Communities” ANSAB Nepal invites application of bids from interested companies/firms registered in VAT under the rule of the government of Nepal within 15 days (by Wednesday 05:00 PM, April 26, 2023) of its first publication for Supply, Delivery and Installation of Solar Drying Technology in Nawalpur district. Interested companies/firms could obtain the detailed bidding document as follow:

Q1. What are the documents required in the Technical Proposal? Will you elaborate the inclusions of Technical Proposal?
ANS: Mainly the technical part consists of bidders' offers on each item, comply items, manufacturer's name/ origin, certificate and other necessary plans. (You can make a compliance sheet and bidder's offer for BOQ by adding one column as per attachment.)
Q2. In Financial Proposal, we assume that we need to submit the tender quotes from our end. Do we need to submit any earnest money OR bid bond guarantee while submitting BID?
ANS: Bid bond guarantee is not needed.

Q3. Do we need any technical documents of DOME manufacturer? UV sheet? Like manufacturing Authorization Letter Or any quality certificates?
ANS: Yes, it would be better to submit during the tender. Though, ANSAB may request later during compliance of the items.

Q4. You have mentioned in 40% advance payment with confirm order as mode of payment in 1st installments ?? Do we need to submit any bank guarantee or any security to receive 40%  advance?
ANS: No Bank guarantee or any security is needed.

Q5. How technical proposal weightage counts during evaluation. For eg. we haven’t seen the checklist of documents required for technical proposal?
ANS: Compliance of each items offered by the bidder would be verified against the technical specifications asked by the ANSAB.

Q6. In serial no. 12, you have mentioned that “ If the bidding price is above than  cost estimate then ANSAB shall reject the bid. So we haven’t seen any cost estimation of this project in the bidding documents. We need tentative gesture of budget of this project? If so, then we could  know our border line of price quotation!
ANS: We recommend you to quote the price based on your technical proposal.

Q7. Do we need to print all the 18 pages bidding documents and sign and seal those all documents or we can leave few pages? If so then which pages must be submitted as hard copy while submitting BID?
ANS: We request you to submit the full bid document as the hard copy. All the envelopes should be sealed.
Please refer the following
a.     Envelope One: (Name of the Bidder)/ Part B: Eligibility- Supply, delivery and installation of solar drying technology in Nawalpur district.
b.     Envelope Two: (Name of the Bidder)/ Part C: Technical Proposal – Supply, delivery and installation of solar drying technology in Nawalpur district
c.     Envelope Three: (Name of the Bidder)/ Part D: Financial Proposal - Supply, delivery and installation of solar drying technology in Nawalpur district.
We recommend you to sign and stamp the technical proposal.
We also recommend you to sign and stamp the financial proposal.

Q8. In page no 16 , there is Bill of quantity given but how is it filled? Eg.  if we write total amount of dome shaped dryer & truss building cumulative total figure or we have to quote each items of civil works rate and dome shaped dryer’s cost breakdown separately?
ANS: It's better to quote the supply of each item in BOQ, because sometimes variation of works or quantities can be negotiated on the basis of these quotations. The quote for each item can be done as per stated in the bid document. However, financial proposals will be evaluated based on the total price.
Q9. Any other inputs that we need to know prior bidding? (queries asked by other Potential bidder as clarification  which might be very useful for us as well during preparation of BID?)
No other company has approached for the clarification till now.
4.1) TOR40 (Fe415) Iron hollow pipe ( 2 inch dia., 2 mm thickness) 
4.2) Binding wire of all sizes with 18 SWG annealed wire ~1 kg or as per required. (If necessary for reinforcement works)
6.1) MS Tubular section (1.5 inch dia, 1.8 mm thickness)