FAO recognizes Dr. Bhishma P. Subedi as a Champion of Asia-Pacific Forests

Dr. Bhishma P. Subedi, Executive Director of ANSAB has been recognized as a “Champion of Asia-Pacific Forests” by the FAO during the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week (APFW) 2011 in Beijing China. FAO conducted a process to identify “Champions of Asia-Pacific Forests” to help recognize and celebrate success of exemplary contributions to forests and forestry, and recognized Dr. Subedi as one of the two “Champions” along with Ms. Nely P. Alzula, President of Regional CBFM PO Federation, Philippines. In a publication, FAO has stated that the basis of selection of Dr. Subedi for the award is his more than 20 years of constant involvement, contributions and energy devoted to biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in Nepal and to make a difference. Dr. Subedi received the recognition in an award winning ceremony on November 7, 2011 during the APFW reception.

For the profile of the Champions of Asia-Pacific Forest including Dr. Subedi published by APFW, click here.