Call for expression of interest for consultancy service: Researcher to document lessons learnt for the capacity building of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Communities (LCs) in the East Asia-Pacific (EAP) Region on REDD+


On behalf of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)/World Bank, ANSAB has been working as the regional intermediary for the Capacity Building of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Communities (LCs) in the East Asia-Pacific (EAP) Region on REDD+ Project. The objective of the project is to strengthen: (i) the knowledge of targeted southern CSOs and LCs on REDD+ Readiness at the national level and (ii) knowledge exchange at the regional level.

The project paper can be found at

The project has been supporting capacity building and awareness raising activities for CSOs and LCs in the EAP region. At the national level, the following three sub-projects are being implemented in Fiji and Vietnam:

Building capacity for Fiji’s CSOs and LCs to actively participate in the Fiji aational REDD+ readiness programme implemented by Grace Trifam Ministry (GTM), Fiji;
Empowering CSOs and LCs to effectively participate in the implementation of Vietnam’s Emission Reduction Programme (ER-P) implemented by Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), Vietnam; and
Promoting adaptive collaborative management approach (ACMA) through strengthening capacity and participation of Vietnamese CSOs and local communities in REDD+ process in Vietnam implemented by PanNature (Centre for People and Nature Reconciliation), Vietnam.
As a part of the project, ANSAB is seeking service from a researcher (consultant) to document lessons learnt from the implementation of the capacity building and awareness raising activities in the EAP region.

Scope of work

The researcher will document lessons learnt and best practices from the implementation of the projects in the EAP region. Scope of the consultancy assignment includes:

  1. General review of ongoing national REDD+ initiatives and activities in the East Asia and Pacific region;
  2. Review of the ongoing in-country activities, with special reference to the participation of CSOs and LCs, and their outcomes in close collaboration with three sub-project teams in Vietnam and Fiji;
  3. Analyze the in-country activities, outcomes, and key results based on results framework and key lessons of the sub-projects, including examples of best practices and success stories;
  4. Analyze key results of the in-country activites and document gender impacts and results as a consequence of implementation of the project;
  5. Compile a report including the lessons learnt and recommendations in the form of a report and submit to the project secretariat; and
  6. Present the work in the project’s regional workshop.

Level of effort

  1. A total of 20 days is expected to carry out the consultancy assignment including travel time;
  2. A budget of about US $13,500 (incl. fee and travel costs) is allocated for this assignment;
    • As part of the service, the consultant will consult with the project team, Task Team Leader of the World Bank, sub-project recipients, FCPF CSO observer for the Asia-Pacific region;
    • The consultant will visit to Vietnam and organize face-to-face meeting with the 2 sub-grantees;
    • The task needs to be completed before a regional workshop that will be organized in September 2019.

Qualifications and competencies

Masters, preferably Doctoral degree in natural resource management, resource economics, environmental policy, climate-change policies and/or other relevant field.

Experience and competencies

  1. General understanding of the REDD+, FCPF, and FCPF Capacity Building Program;
  2. Experience in the policy development processes associated with REDD+ and climate change, more specifically in the EAP region;
  3. Participation of civil society organizations/ local communities is desirable;
  4. Thorough understanding of the forest and biodiversity conservation issues\environment policies and governance systems in the countries of EAP region would be an asset;
  5. Demonstrated experience in policy analysis, case study, project evaluation, and production of high quality written outputs including journal articles and other publication;
  6. Demonstrated facilitation and coordination skills.

Excellent communication, writing and reporting skills in English.

Application procedure

Qualified candidates meeting the above qualifications and competencies may apply by sending a brief proposal with an outline of methodology, workplan and budget along with an updated CV highlighting the relevant experience by May 19, 2019 through e-mail to [email protected]

Download the EOI for this assignment.